Nike Dunk Low SB: The Golden Hour

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A new era in the skateboarding shoe world

The Nike Dunk Low reps SB ‚Golden Hour‘ is a collaboration between Nike and Washington D.C. Skate Shop, Crushed D.C. This partnership has resulted in a unique interpretation of the timeless silhouette.

The color scheme

The Nike Dunk Low reps SB ‚Golden Hour‘ flat upper is constructed of light gray tumbled leather with brown suede overlays on the forefoot and heel. The signature Nike Swoosh that stretches across the sidewall has been updated with an orange and gray marbled finish.

The Golden Hour as inspiration

The shoe’s colorway is inspired by the „Golden Hour,“ a photography term that describes the time just after sunrise or before sunset when daylight is softer and redder than when the sun is higher in the sky.

Nike Dunk Low SB: The Golden Hour

Eco-friendly design

The shoe features an orange Nike Grind rubber sole made from manufacturing waste. With this eco-friendly update to the SB classic, Nike underlines its commitment to sustainability.

Publication and availability

The Crushed x Nike SB Dunk Low „Golden Hour“ hit the shelves on October 7th, 2022. It was available at Crushed and select skate shops.

The conclusion

The Nike Dunk Low reps SB „Golden Hour“ reps go beyond being just a shoe; rather, they make a bold statement. In addition to their unique design, these sneakers boast eco-friendly materials, contributing to a sustainable footwear choice. Moreover, the Golden Hour-inspired colorway adds a distinctive touch, making them truly stand out on the street.

Whether you’re an avid skateboarder or a dedicated sneaker enthusiast, the Nike Dunk Low reps SB „Golden Hour“ is unequivocally a must-have for your collection. Furthermore, their appeal extends beyond mere aesthetics, as the eco-friendly construction aligns with contemporary values. In conclusion, these sneakers seamlessly blend style, sustainability, and a vibrant design, making them a noteworthy addition to any footwear aficionado’s repertoire.

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